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 Consulting: Private Contract Work

  • Business Strategy & Development
  • Conventions 
    • - Strategy Program to Understand & React to Industry News
  • Marketing
  • Market Research​
  • Sales Training

Family / All Age Groups

 Inspirational: Pass Your Wisdom to the Next Generation

  • One Person Makes a Difference—Just Try!
  • Don't Risk Losing the Wisdom of Your Ancestors
  • What is the Meaning of Christmas
  • Christmas Past, Present, & Future
  • My Mamma Told Me! What did Yours Tell You?

Elementary Students

Insightful: What's On Your Mind? 

  • How to Analyze a Book for Discussion 
    • Act-About It!
    • Draw-About It!
    • Read-About It!
    • Talk-About It!
    • Play-About It!
  • Write a Story - Real or Make Believe!
  • Team Building Games
  • Holiday Parties

High School Students / Young Adults

Motivational:  Exploring You - Education, Career, Emotions

  • School / Career Talk: Tune into ‘W.i.i.—FM!’” (What’s in it--FOR ME?) 
  • Timeless Truths - Some advice never gets old!
  • Friends, love, motivation, advice, empathy, respect, humor

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