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Ancient Proverbs; Timeless Wisdom! Connecting old world proverbs with current life lessons is the unique approach MARIA IANNOTTA takes to inspire while keeping the wisdom of her ancestors' alive. "My Mamma Told Me...Now, I'm Telling You!" is a compilation of Italian proverbs grouped by motivation, inspiration, respect, empathy, advise, love, and humor. Each section lists eight Italian proverbs (translated in English) with the lesson learned and application for use. This small-sized, easy-to-read, 100 page, inspirational, gift book is printed in color and contains beautiful photos from Castel San Vincenzo, Italy. The book reminds us to talk and pass our wisdom to the younger generations! 

The younger generations are in jeopardy of losing their ancestors' wisdom forever! Life lessons learned hundreds of years ago, still applicable today, are vanishing with the decrease of storytelling among families, the passing of elders, and the inability to understand a foreign language. This book is a gift of insight from a woman born and raised in the mountains of Central Italy.  Although Mamma had no formal education, she possessed the wisdom of a scholar.  She taught and encouraged others through Italian proverbs that transcend cultures and generations. 

This small, easy-to-read book offers big treasures by: Preserving proverbs written in English and Italian. Teaching life lessons as applicable today as years ago. Encouraging communication within families 

My mamma told me ... Now, I'm telling you!