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Where worlds connect, the story begins to spark...

For Maria Iannotta, the story begins to spark at the point where her professional and personal worlds cross and create a positive outcome... rather than the usual crazy chaos. Thus, the inception of Crisscross Publishing!

Throughout her youth Maria (a.k.a Mary) always knew she wanted to write, speak, and motivate and inspire people. She received this gift from her mamma who frequently taught her life lessons using witty old-world proverbs that make sense in life's issues. Mary liked this method of teaching very much over the lecturing style witnessed often. She thought, "I better write this stuff (proverbs/advice) down before it gets lost forever."  But, you guessed it, she never did take the time.  The priorities of going to school,  being a kid, establishing a career, and later being a wife and mom trumped her good intentions. Only when the threat of losing her ancestors' wisdom became real did she put fingers to the keyboard!   

Italian advice for a happier life!

In 2018, Mary will begin a life style blog including topics that often merge two opposite worlds.  For instance, work vs. stay at home, American vs. Italian, cooking vs. take-out; Chicago North vs. Chicago South, and the list goes on but at the point where the two conflicting topics meet is where the story becomes interesting!

Mary needs to share her legacy with the young and the young at hear.  Her goal is to make a positive difference in peoples lives whether it be business, academic, or personal. "If not now, then when?" she smiles. The answer is clear, "It's NOW!  And, not even one second later," she is sure. 

Maria A. Iannotta, Founder and CEO Crisscross Publishing

Is passionate about writing and inspiring.  Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois as a first generation American speaking English and Italian, Maria graduated with an MBA in International Business and Marketing and completed the International Studies  in Belgium and France.  She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Psychology and works in the Chicago land area for large and small companies in a variety of industries in the fields of marketing, market research and advertising. Through Crisscross Publishing, she plans to maintain her consulting business while encouraging others to tell stories and pass their wisdom on to the next generation!